March 11, 2009

Don't Use Quotation Marks

I just discovered something today. You should not use quotation marks in your articles. Like "this". Why? It seems to confuse the ad determiner for your article. I mean what ads appear on your article page. The quotation marks confuse it, and the ads do not relate in any way to your article, and they are supposed to; that is the whole idea behind your getting paid. People interested enough in your article that they want to check further and so they click on an adjoining ad, and you get paid from this. The way I found out, is I did it. I put quotation marks, and the ads do not relate at all to my article. Then I went to someone elses article and they were quoting from the Bible and their ads were about sign language. I guess you could try saying (quote)this (unquote) or just not use quotation marks at all.

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