March 09, 2009


When you first start writing at eHow, pretty soon you start seeing, rrcr. Now what is that? It stands for read, rate, comment, and recommend. In other words, when a friend sends you notice of a new article, they want you to go to that article and first of all, read it, and then comment at the bottom of the article. Then at the top of the article in under the title of the article, you will see 5 stars; this is where you rate. If you enjoyed the article, you rate it by clicking on the 5th star on the right. Now I didn't know this at first. I thought you just clicked on any of the stars and that meant 5*, but if you click on the first star, you are only rate 1 star, and so on. I always rate 5* because I figure that everyone is putting forth their very best effort in writing these stories, and they deserve a 5 for effort alone, but most of them that I read are really 5's. Then, if you really enjoyed the article, and felt it was very well written and instructive, you want to recommend that person, and you do this by clicking on their name in under the title of the article. This takes you to their profile page. At the top of the page is a place to click to recommend this person. Also, to the left in under their avatar (their photo/logo) you you can add them as your friend if you want So that is the entire process of rrcr.

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