March 12, 2009


I had an article taken away for what they
aid was plagarism. I was devastated!
But even though I tried to fight it, I
found that once the decision is made, that
is pretty much the way it is. I also found
that if they want they can even kick you
completely off of writing for eHow anymore
if they suspect you of plagarism.
So let me tell you about my article.
It was a recipe for mini pizzas. It was
a recipe that I had gotten from somewhere
and had used several times. But then I
got curious about the origin of pizzas, and
I went to Wikipedia and looked it up, and
there was interesting information about
pizzas, so I copied and pasted to my
article, but I said that it came from
Well, I guess the very day that I wrote
the article, someone else on the web, also
wrote the same information from Wikipedia,
however, the recipe was for larger pizzas
So, I'm still not sure if you can quote from
other sources, or if it's okay as long as
no one else happens to do it on the same
day. Also, make sure your recipe is not
a current one I guess.
But also, I guess some people do copy ideas
from others. Be careful, if they even
think this is the case, you will be tossed.
It is not worth it.

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