March 12, 2009

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This was on eHow's Blog.


Wow what a week! Our eHow members are kicking some major behind and making some waves in national news. The Washington Post and U.S. News and World Report recently ran stories on our very own eHow members, David Sarokin, ccrock, and Writergig. Many of you know David Sarokin or have chatted with him on the eHow Forums. He told The Washington Post reporters of how he utilizes his researching and writing skills to make $25,000 a year on eHow. (Yes, that comma IS in the right place…that’s twenty-five thousand dollars ya’ll)

The U.S. News and World Report, showcased eHow as one of the, 7 Ways to Make Extra Money,” online and wrote about the success stories of Writergig and ccrock. Both these ladies are work at home moms and have published on eHow to supplement their family incomes - but their online activities don’t stop there. As you know from our previous post, Writergig is a guru on optimizing articles on eHow and recently aired a podcast with eHow member, A. Suzanne Wells. As for ccrock, she helped spread the word about eHow by modeling for our banners ads and by writing about eHow on her personal blog, Smokin’ Mom. eHow is steadily proving that it’s not just another social networking site but a highly interactive community where people can share their expertise and earn some well deserved bonus income. Keep the great work everyone!

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