March 08, 2009

Your Article Page

Did you know that on your article page, you can scroll down past the 5 featured articles, and you will see at the top of your articles the divisions of:
feature date title views rating earnings

You can double left click on any of these, and they will change the order of your articles to reflect what you clicked on.
Like date, double click on it, and the order will change showing the most current articles, double click again and it will show the oldest articles first.
Click on views and it will first show the least views to the most views; click again and it changes to the most views to the least views.
Same with rating and earnings.
You can see just which articles are getting the most views, and whether they are making any money.
You may need to go back in to some of them and change the title, or add more key words.
There are a couple of free places that you can find which key words are viewed or asked for the most.
The first one is: Google Key Words. You type in a word or a phrase, and it shows you which key words work best.
The other one is: WordTracker.
Type either one of these in the address bar, and you should find them. Bookmark or put in your favorites, and you will have it close when you need it.

Also, did you know that while you are on the publishing page, you can go to another tab, or click on file, and it will give the option of opening a new window. This allows you to go back and forth between the two, maybe checking for key words or looking for your pictures, without losing your publish page. It won't work though, after you have hit "Publish".

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