March 09, 2009


When I first started writing for ehow, and acquiring a few friends, I started getting mass emails, that is, emails not only to me but to many people. I had no idea how they were doing this. But I always checked their article and rrcr'd. Finally, I figured out how they were doing it. After entering a subject and topic on their email, they would start clicking on the little boxes next to each of their friends and their friends name would jump into the email "to" box. So, I began doing the same thing, thinking that this is how it is done. This is how you get your articles noticed, and commented and rated. However, after just a few times of sending these out, I got a few unfavorable remarks that this mass emailing could be considered spam. Whoa! I sure didn't want to do anything like that. But they kept sending them to me, so I sent a few more, and again got negative remarks. I had just about decided to quit sending them, when I started to get a little mad about it. Why do we have the friends, if it is not to communicate with them about our articles? Are we supposed to send them one at a time. I have over 500 friends, I know some people have over 2000. Can you imagine how long that would take? So I say, I am going to send the mass emails and I am glad to receive the mass emails. I am going to put this on my profile page. I send and gladly receive mass emails from friends. If anyone does not want to participate, they should put on their profile page, I do not send or want to receive mass emails. Because you can't have it both ways. You can't send if you don't receive. So, for all you new ehower's I say go ahead and send mass emails, until or unless, eHow comes out with a mandate telling us we should no longer do this.

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