March 09, 2009


You write about what you know or what you have done during your life. If you have a talent, skill, craft, hobby, you have probably hundreds of articles you can write about them. Are you a mother/father? You can write abotu those experiences. Other people are going through similar situations. Are you a brother/ sister, write about that relationship. Do you sew? Describe how to sew. Are you a really good cook/chef? Write your secret recipes. Are you a caretaker for a parent? A woodworker. A mechanic, a doctor, dentist, grocer, etc. Are you happily married, or divorced? All of these are topics to write about. Are you good at giving instructions? Are you interested in the theater or arts? Are you a musician? The topics are endless. The important thing is to just keep writing. The more articles you write the better your odds are for making money, and pretty soon it becomes passive income, which means, money still comes in, even though you are not doing anything else.

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